Project Description

Hairong Wei

Associate Professor, School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science
Department of Computer Science (Adjunct)
Department of Mathematics (Adjunct)

Research Interests

  • Identification of Genes
  • Regulating Complex Traits Via Systems Biology Approaches
  • Gene Expression Data Analysis
  • Gene Network Construction and Decomposition
  • Developing Software for Mining Large-Scale Biological Data


I am exploring the possibility of identifying genes regulating biological traits via systems biology approaches. We achieve this goal through combinatorial approaches: (1) Designing very efficient biological experiments to yield information-enriched gene expression data sets. (2) Performing gene reduction to identify major regulators controlling traits via complex data analysis. (3) Construction of local regulatory networks controlling a trait. We have developed the algorithms and software pipelines for accurately identifying transcription factors controlling a trait with 50-100 % accuracy. I am in general interested in identifying genes regulating the following traits: (1) Wood productivity and quality. (2) Resistance to disease and pest. (3) Biomass production. However, identification of genes regulating any of agriculturally important traits interests me.