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The Center for Human-Centered Computing will be hosting HCC Demo Day at Michigan Tech on November 2, 2017. Across campus researchers who “design with humans in mind” will be showcasing their work to the community through a series of demos, lectures and tours.

HCC Demo Day kicks off with a free lunch and lecture by ICC Distinguished Lecturer, Elizabeth Whitaker from Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Principal Research Engineer and GTRI Fellow. Her talk is entitled, “How Can Cognitive Systems Support Humans in Solving Problems?”

Participants from other institutions are welcome and HCC’s Demo Day is open to the public. Anyone interested in research, education or service that is associated with human factors, human- centered design, usability, ergonomics, or other fields related to humans and technology are warmly invited to attend.

Questions? Contact Nicole Kelly at nnkelly@mtu.edu

Schedule of Events





EERC 100

ICC Distinguished Speaker + Lunch
Join us for FREE pizza and to hear Dr. Betty Whitaker, Principal
Research Engineer at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)
present, “How Can Cognitive Systems Support Humans in Solving Problems?”


Harold Meese Center

Mind Music Machine Lab
Professor Philart Jeon’s students demo their projects:
> Music effects on driving, In-vehicle gesture projects
> Smart health app project
> Musical robots for children with ASD project


EERC 510

Smart City Technology Lab
Professor Henry Yoon’s students demo their projects:
> Motion-controlled Structural Analysis Game (MoSAiG)

Future Interactions Lab
Professor Keith Vertanen’s students demo their projects:
> AirKey: Efficient and Flexible Midair Keyboard Input
> Audio/Visual Feedback for Wayfinding in Augmented Reality
> Tap123: Eyes-free Text Entry
> Strategies for Modulating Touchscreen Keyboard Input

Mind Music Machine Lab
Professor Philart Jeon’s students demo their projects:
> Dancer-sonification project
> Musical exercise for visually impaired project

Virtual Reality Lab
Professor Scott Kuhl’s students will demo head-mounted displays and the display wall.

What is the Center for Human-Centered Computing (HCC)? 

The HCC is one of the five research centers at the Institute of Computing and Cybersystems (ICC) at Michigan Tech. Members of HCC conduct novel experiments and research in multiple areas in human-centered computing. Their research focus is people and technology, specifically, integrating art, people, design, technology, and experiences. The HCC prepares Michigan Tech students to become future creators with balanced viewpoints, by educating their computing side, their human side, and their interactions.

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